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Pull out method!
An_253225 posted:
Me and my bf had sex about 3 days after my last period which he says he didn't cum but he's worried about it. About a day before I was supposed to ovulate we had sex and he pulled out, wiped it around his penis and kept putting it back in and pushing it in which I was on bottom the whole time which I've heard goes with gravity. ?? . I asked him if he had came and he kinda paused and said uhh.. No. He never urinated, I kept having to though. Then 2 days after my predicted ovulation date we had sex again in which he did the same thing, pulled out and wiped it around his penis. At one point he must have came in me bc I could feel it coming out and it hurt a lot more this time. It's been one week since the very first time so I'm assuming its too early to test? And is there a high possibility of being pregnant considering he kept pulling out and putting it straight back in? I've also been feeling mild cramps and then when you can feel your stomach growling it feels like that on each side by my ovaries. Thanks!
Maybeline54 responded:
If he is worried about it , he may had nutted inside you. Pay attention to your body signs or wait to see if Yu get your period.
An_250560 responded:
there is a very good chance you can get pregnant/could be pregnant. It's best to wait until you have missed a period to test as that is the most accurate - and use morning urine.

The day or two before you ovulate are the most fertile days of your cycle.

However, you should not be feeling it right away as the get takes 6 - 10 days to travel to your uterus. If you were feeling pain shortly after having unprotected sex, than you should go to your doctor to get it checked out. It should not hurt.

Also, have a nice talk with your boyfriend - if you both are not ready to have a baby right now, than tell him to strap one on or get on birth control. The fact that he might be lying about ejaculating inside of you is very concerning and a huge misuse of trust. That is a HUGE life changing decision that should not be taken lightly.

Honestly, if it were me, I'd be super angry about it.

Are you on any birth control? If not, and you are not pregnant, and you are not ready for a baby, then get on some. There are so many options out there now.

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