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    TTC - 1st round of Clomid - August 2013
    firsttimerr posted:
    Hi ladies
    So my boyfriend & I have been TTC for almost 5 years now. Not timing or charting, but having unprotected sex. I recently in the last 6 months started charting. (BMT charting started about 2 months ago faithfully)Doc did blood work in June to confirm there are no issues with eggs/ovaries/etc. None were found - she decided to have me start on Clomid 50mg this month. I had my last cycle on July 30th, took Clomid CD5-CD9. Slight side effects, headache and extremely bad cramping. (I never have period cramps so that was new to me.) I ddid not get a + OPK until CD 20. appeared 1 time in the morning. We've had sex CD21 & CD22 but here's where it gets interesting.....

    Like I mentioned we've been TTC for years, where the BMT charting I've been doing for the last 2 months. Last month in July - (I had not started Clomid yet). I had a + OPK on CD 18. Temp rise occurred on CD 22, we did have intercourse on CD 14CD 21, CD 27, CD 28. (His schedule can be tough he travels for work 4 nights sometimes every week...) But I had my cycle on July 30th, reg cycle 7 days normal flow. Starting in August around CD 15 & CD 17 I had a very strong nauseated feeling - where I had to run to the bathroom because I thought I was going to throw up! This has never happened to me before. I just thought it was something I ate. UNTIL CD 21 (Monday) & CD 23 (which is today) I had the feeling again! Except today I actually threw up all my breakfast food I had just ate about 20 minutes prior. I've been extra tired, more tired than normal & of course having strange type cramping in the last few days.

    Does anyone know if this is all related to the Clomid - I assumed by the last pill 'pregnancy' type symptoms would go away - but it's the nauseated part that makes me question - Could I have gotten pregnant that soon?

    I forgot to mention I do have 1 daughter who is 8yrs old (who has been begging me for a brother/sister!!) but she is not by my boyfriend. Her father & I did not work out about 2 years into my daughters life. The doc mentioned each pregnancy is different as well as each pregnancy with different fathers can also be different.

    I just would like some opinions - I'm biting nails trying to wait until Sept 1st to see if I miss my period - my cycles are usually about 33-35 days but figure since I got the +OPK on the 18th, my period should start around August 30th - I don't want to test until then because I've seen so many BFN I don't want to be disappointed.

    Any insight on Clomid or the signs I stated above would help me so much!

    Thanks ladies!!

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