Symptoms that make me curious...
An_253324 posted:
Hi everyone! I am writing with curiosity, as I have had a slew of weird experiences this month and am interested in picking others' brains.

My last cycle began on June 29th, and my period is expected to come August 28th. I have pretty regular 30 day cycles.

I have also had sex eight times since the 29th with my partner, each time with a condom. So, right off the bat... used a condom, what are the chances I could have gotten pregnant? Very, very slim.

However, the following things have been going on:

I have been experiencing daily headaches since August 8th, some more severe then others, and often arriving the moment I wake up.

For the past three days, I have had regular afternoon (mild) nausea. I am not a typically nauseated person, so I find this odd (but possibly psychosomatic).

I do have very sore boobs, but I always do before my period.

I walked into my house last week and declared there was garbage rotting somewhere. My roommate was concerned and said she didn't smell a thing. I then walked into the kitchen and realized the sink of breakfast dishes was where the odor was coming from. My roommate did not smell this at all.

I have had days of moderate cramping, light aching, and today some pretty significant lower back aches.

The potentially TMI stuff:

For the past three days, my urine has been a clear yellow color. Basically the palest yellow. Now, that seems normal, healthy, etc. etc. However, I only ever drink coffee with the occasional glass of water during the day. I am always very orange-y yellow (I know, I should drink more water). But this sudden onset of clear, "healthy" urine is very unusual.

My vagina looks and smells different. I warned you, TMI. I have taken on a new scent in the past four days (pleasant, not bad). Out of pretty extreme curiosity, I took a look and noticed... my vagina is also now a dark, dusty-lavender-purple. Not my usual, at all.