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Could I be pregnant?
An_253432 posted:
Last "full" period ended around the 25th of July.
I took a pregnancy test on the 5th of August, which turned out negative.
On the 6th of August, I had spotting during the morning which had completely disappeared by the afternoon. I generally have very full periods and breakthrough bleeding, but none of this was present during this month.
On the 20th of August, I was hospitalized with PID. During this time, I'm assuming the doctors would have tested my urine for pregnancy, and they didn't say anything.
I have taken another 2 pregnancy tests since, one on the 27th of August and one on the 29th. The first one was initially negative, but then developed what I hope is an Evap line. The second one has remained negative.
I went to the hospital again on the 30th for UTI-like symptoms, and I'm hoping that they did a UA on my urine for pregnancy while I was there.
I had unprotected sex throughout the month, the last time being on the 25th of August.
I've been having various pregnancy symptoms similar to the last time I was preggers. I'm very scared that I am currently pregnant because I am planning on living abroad for the next several months and have no access to healthcare.

Thank you so much to whoever takes the time to read this.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
You may be pregnant or you may have not ovulated. You can either wait and see if your next period comes or ask for a blood test.

Also, unless it's requested, I'm pretty sure a pregnancy test is not a standard test.
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