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Is what I'm having an early period, implantation bleeding, or because of intercourse (hymen really tearing)?
racsam posted:
Today marks the 6th day of my bleeding. It started on Aug 31, a day after we had intercourse which was 12 days before my expected period (Sept 11) I'm not entirely sure what is causing this... But all I know is that my boyfriend and I had protected sex last Friday and the next day, around Saturday afternoon when i went to pee, that's when I noticed a drop of blood floating in the toilet bowl. The following days I had to wear a liner already because I was spotting, and when I'd wipe, there really would be blood. To the point on 3 occasions I had to change my liner immediately because there'd be a big glob of blood on it, not something I consider spotting anymore. It looked heavy to be spotting. I've been really stressing out what this bleeding is from.

To give a few details we used a condom, we never do it without it. In fact when we did it last Friday, he pulled out. Right after we'd do it, he'd always put water making sure the condom did not break. Well that was my fourth time to have sex that day, I just lost my virginity last month, Im 20.
The blood that comes out it is really bizarre for me. Its like it alternates from bloody red one day then brown the next day, and goes back to red. It's also weird how at first it was really liquid-y, then the day after it would be kinda dry and less already so I thought the next day I would stop bleeding but then it becomes really liquid (red) again. Honestly I just dont know what to expect anymore.

One thing that kinda makes me think this isn't implantation bleeding is that I never felt tender breasts, headaches, nausea, cramps, nothing at all. I feel completely normal, its just the bleeding is throwing me off. I'm not even sure if Im still gonna bleed tomorrow. This might be my period but why would it be so early? Could ("rough") sex induce it? Or maybe he just bruised me up inside and the aftermath came a day after?

Hope you guys could help me out... I might go and have a check up if this really persists but as of now I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you.
lovebird79 responded:
It sounds like chances are you are not pregnant. Implantation bleeding is super light and you used a condom.

It could just be your system is out of whack this month. It happens, especially at a young age.

If you continue to bleed tomorrow, than I would recommend you go to the doctor. Not saying anything is wrong, but just for piece of mind.

You could also have an infection of some sort since you are new to intercourse.

good luck!

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