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could I be pregnant?.
curious_13 posted:
At the beginning of September my bf and I had unprotected sex. We just used the pull out method. About a week later we did it again. I started my period on 8/27/13. I get my period at the end of the month and they are regular. For the past two weeks I been having headaches, back aches, nauseous but never vomiting. I been feeling a little more tired than usual. I feel like I am going to start but never do. This morning I woke up with my breast feeling a little tender. My temperature has been a little more higher than usual. I took a pregnancy test yesterday but it came back negative. I'm confused. Is it just my mind playing tricks on me or is it still a possibility that I am pregnant even though the test came back negative? Please help. Thanks!
lovebird79 responded:
If you had a "normal" period after you had the unprotected sex, than chances are you are not pregnant.

You could be noticing PMS symptoms you normally don't notice because you are worried you could be pregnant - I did that a lot when I started trying.

Also, it's totally normal for your temperature to go up after ovulation until you get your period. It's still not the end of the month, so just try to relax and wait it out.

If your period doesn't come than take another test - most hpt are the most accurate if you wait until you have missed your period.

Good luck.
curious_13 replied to lovebird79's response:
I haven't had my period yet. I'm supposed to start by the end of this week. If I still don't start than I will take another test.
hgreenwood7058 replied to curious_13's response:
You had the intercourse after your period. While it is possible, it really depends when in september. Usually 11-14 days before your period is when people normally ovulate. If you had intercourse during that time frame then yes its possible. Some do ovulate a little earlier or later but the 11-14 days is pretty standard. If your period isn't due for another week then you may just be testing too early. Wait till she is due and if no period then test again. It could also be from the stress of not using protection that causes things to feel off too. And sometimes we get random surges of hormones that will make us think different things.
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curious_13 replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
I'm gonna wait another week and if nothing test again. I'm not sure if it's just my mind playing tricks on me. Thanks!

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