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An_241292 posted:
Ok this girl and I had sex the Wed afternoon before Labor day, and had told me afterwards that she was off of her birth control, and told me that she had PCOS and so I had nothing to worry about. Well even though I didnt ejaculate inside of her, I was still freaking out that she was off of her birth control and got her a plan b pill that Saturday morning. After that I breathed easier, then 3 weeks later she had told me that she was having a missed period but that she had also lost her grandmother but we did a pregnancy test to be sure anyway and it came up negative, so I wasnt worried, and she had told me that she ended up having her period that Friday. Come to find out now that she had a white discharge and only lasted a day. She has been exhausted, but Im thinking thats from not sleeping at night, and is experiencing fatigue. Something else I might mention is she said that she had her period the week before we had sex. Whats the chances that she is pregnant?
An_250560 responded:
That's really difficult to say.
It sounds like you don't know her very well, and she told you AFTER the fact that she wasn't on birth control.
I would be weary of what she tells you

Most women ovulate mid-cycle, so about two weeks before her period is due - but not all women.
Also, you have pre-ejaculate that can cause pregnancy.

Another thing to keep in mind is that she is going through a difficult loss - this stress can cause not only fatigue, but missed period as well.

You should wait another week and re-test.

Also - use a condom... seriously. You had the power to prevent this from happening - just remember that next time.
An_241292 replied to An_250560's response:
Yeah I know I should have used a condom, but the last time I had seen her or really even talked to her about anything like that was 2 and a half months prior and was taking birth control regularly. We did a second pregnancy test tonight and it came up negative, and also she had told me late last night that it was actually a brownish red color and lasted 2 days instead.

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