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    Chances of Pregnancy with Neg. Blood test
    meggie3223 posted:
    My hubby and I are TTC and my last AF was 9/20...i believe i ovulated around 9/29...I then spotted a little for 3-4 days--first day was "heaviest"(not much even then) and so I was expecting AF around 10/20ish--my cycles have typically run 28-31 days like clockwork for 6 months since off the pill--and even before the pill...I have did a urine test 10/20 and 10/26, both negative and had a blood test 10/28--bc I work around xrays, chemicals and animals so I need to know...the blood test came back negative and my doctor told me to just keep on going as if i was preggo until i get my AF--what are the chances that the blood test was a fluke?? I don't feel preggo and would like to do a month of the pill to get it(with my first son i ended up going 3 months of no AF while TTC) back on track if it doesn't come in a week or so(maybe the couple of days of spotting was a funky AF??) Could an expert chime in if able--Thanks!
    Tasha616 responded:
    I have been doing a lot of research online as I am in a similiar situation and according to things i have read it is possible that are hcg levels are not high enough to be detected. Normal levels range from woman to woman and some are as low as 17. The blood test requires a hcg level of at least 50 to detect. So here is baby dust to you that your levels are just too low to pick up yet
    hgreenwood7058 responded:
    Its possible. It could be you didn't ovulate which would explain no period. Or it could be that the spotting could have been jus a weird period. Did he test the hcg yes/no or the number? The numbers are pretty accurate unless you just ovulated in which case yes they can hold false negatives. I wouldn't do a month of bc as that itself can fiddle with your hormones and put you more out of whack. You can ask for provera (though they usually will not give it to you unless af has been missing for 3 months). I would say test again in a week or two and then if no af. Do another blood test. If still negative you can ask for something to start it.Also are you tracking ovulation? 9 days past af is fairly early. Some women do ovulate early and others late but if that was your ovulation date I would be more concerned about the fact your LP (time between ovulation and AF) being to long. Normal is around 12-14 days. Mine is 11 so it can be slightly different but yours would be 19-22 days long which is very long. This could be part of the issue as well.
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