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    So Confused
    MrsT80 posted:
    Ok so I am newly married, and not on birth control pills or shots or anything. The only form of b.c. my husband and I use are condoms, which I know are not 100% effective. I swear I am pregnant, my stomach is distended like never before, and I have been working out and eating less, so I can not imagine why or how I could be gaining weight any other way. Maybe its all in my head because I really want a baby someday, I just was hoping to lose some of my excess weight before I got pregnant. Now I had a friend tell me that losing weight can help you get pregnant. I recently lost about 10 lbs, I wonder if at that point, is when I might have gotten pregnant, or else I dont know whats going on with me. I feel light headed sometimes, dizzy at times, stomach pains that I cant explain, sometimes nausia, I was fine all day and then on my way walking into the gym I go to I suddenly was nausiated and threw up in the bathroom. Its not a stomach flu thing because it comes and goes totally randomly, and I feel good otherwise. The big sign is that my period has been super crazy. So I remember getting my period and bleeding heavily in July, then only spotting in August, and then last month in September just spotting lightly if anything, and not a drop of anything in October yet when I did a pee on the stick test it said I was not pregnant. So now its November and I am not sure whats going on. I did it (the pregnancy test) at night does that make a huge difference? Maybe I should try the other one in the morning. I called a OBGYN and they actually told me they wont see me for an appointment until I have a positive result with a home pregnancy test.

    Could I be pregnant and the test still says no? What should I do? The scheduling people at my regular doctors office said they dont do appointments to check pregnancy, that is something for the OBGYN, but the OBGYN will not see me either.

    I have a friend who is a bit overwieght like me, and she was pregnant for like 5 months maybe it was even 6 months before she knew, and that is my fear, that I am super far along and not know it. I have even had horror stories of women not knowing they are pregnant until they give birth. Maybe that is not so common, but it has happened. I just want to be prepared, and do as much healthy things as I can to keep my baby healthy if I am, but I really dont know if I am.

    I swear the men have it so easy. LOL

    I appreciate any feedback. Im nervous/excited/scared slightly at the possibility of being pregnant and super far along and not know it.
    MrsT80 responded:
    OH and I have an urgency to urinate like never before. There are just so many signs that seem to point to pregnancy. Please help! What should I do?
    lovebird79 replied to MrsT80's response:
    My advice is to go to the doctor. Tell them you want a wellness checkup, and then when you get there, mention all of the changes you've noticed.

    You can try taking another test and see what happens - take it in the morning.

    However, based on your information, if you were pregnant, than you would've gotten pregnant around July. That would make you about as far along as I am now - about 3 1/2 months.
    You would've shown on a stick by now.

    My guess is that it's your changed in exercise and diet that's doing this. Your friend is only partially correct - if you are overweight, than losing weight can increase your fertility, but only because being overweight can decrease your fertility.

    But, changing your diet and losing weight (especially quickly) can also alter your body and cause missed periods even.
    Plus, if you have increased the amount of veggies your are eating, that could definitely cause your stomach to bulge with bloating.

    At 3 1/2 months, you would not have a noticeable bump from a baby - any belly you have at that point is bloat.

    Good Luck.

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