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body saying yes HPT's saying no and i dont know what to do next PLEASE HELP
amu1125 posted:
OK.... so i'm going to try to explain in as much detail as I can. I really could use some help. My cycle is extremely regular as being every 32-34 days for the past year I get my period and it's usually extremely heavy for 4 days and then light for two. My last period arrived Sept 23 and was normal for me. Since then I have not had a "normal" period. I have taken 5 HPT and all are negative. Around the time I was supposed to get my period my breasts were extremely tender and I also was experiencing fatigue along with mild cramps believing my period was on its way but never showed up. the cramping would come and go but the fatigue and breast tenderness stayed (some days they felt like they were ready to explode). 2 nights ago I woke up to cramps and some bleeding. thought here it comes but it never did. Very light bleeding stopped this AM and was bright bright red in color w/ absolutely no clots and I usually have very heavy flow with a lot of clots. Had sex a night before the bleeding started. Took a HPT again this AM and still Neg. Had one pregnancy before did not test positive until end of my 5th week being pregnant and then lost the pregnancy 2 weeks later. Should I be worried? Could there still be a chance I could be pregnant?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Yes, there is a chance you could be pregnant. Some women never show on pregnancy tests for whatever reason and some take longer to show that others. Since you're over a month late, I'd make an appointment with your doctor.
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texasvn88 responded:
If you are not getting a postive HPT, I would suggest going to you OB/GYN and getting a blood test. HCG blood test are more accurate than HPT and can usually tell if you are pregnant sooner.
lovebird79 replied to texasvn88's response:
I agree with both previous posters... go to the doctor and have it checked out. Some women don't show positive until later in their pregnancy.

Also, make sure you are using the first morning urine and the pink lined tests (life First Response)... I found those are more sensitive.... but definitely call your doctor.

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