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    confused me
    happinessflow posted:
    hi to anyone who'll be able to read this concern of mine..i need some help. I had my period on aug. 28-sept. 2 next period came october 3-8 2013 but it came again oct. 22-26 but rather different from my usual period. Its less in volume and amt., not really a flow coz im just using a panty liner instead of a regular pad which i normally use in my usual period. at first its color was dark red, to pale pink, to brown then pale pink and then it stop, it ended on the 26th of oct. since then there were times ive felt an on and off pain around my breast and pelvic area both front and back especially at night even during day time, sometimes i feel nauseous, i feel very tired at some point that i just want to sleep all day. ive tried taking a test last nov. 6 before my expcted date of period but it was negative.Me and my fiancee thinks its just my imagination but we love the idea of us having a baby.its just that i cant contain it anymore.pls. i pregnat or not?i didnt have my period yet for this month..thnx a lot.sorry fot TMI. Godbless to evryone.
    texasvn88 responded:
    If the first day of your LMP was October 22nd that would only place you at three weeks. Meaning, it is too early to test. I would hold off until the fourth week when you are due for your next period to test. If you are still experiencing symptoms after you period is due make an appointment with an OB/GYN to be checked out.

    Also, if you have had any recent steroid injections that can make your period irregular.
    lovebird79 responded:
    You should wait until your period is missed. Each woman is different and some take a bit longer to build up the pregnancy hormone.

    Also, a lot of things can cause your cycle to get thrown off.

    Were you using protection? Are you on birth control?
    happinessflow replied to texasvn88's response:
    thnx for the reply..i didnt receive any steroid injections.I have my period now nov. 19 the 29th day since oct. 22 but on small amt. i will still continue to observe and find out if its really my period or it'll be like spotting.thnx again texasvn88.Godbless=)
    happinessflow replied to lovebird79's response:
    hi lovebird79 thanx for the reply. were not using any protection,no birth controls either but were planning to. i have my period now nov. 19 the 29th day since oct. 22 but im still making sure if its really my period or it'll be like spotting..cramping is a lot painful than i had exprience before. but its kinda unusual for me to have it this painful coz in the past whenever i have my period ill just feel tired but i dont exprience any cramps if i do have one its just light cramps. i hope things will be clear soon. thank you much for the help.Godbless=)

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