Not sure whether i am pregnant.
An_254405 posted:
I know the obvious thing would be to wait until i miss my period but I regret to say that i am a very impatient person which can be a down fall at times.
My bf and i had sex around 14days after day one of my period. I'm pretty sure i was ovulating then. we didnt use protection although he didn't ejaculate. I know that there is a thing called pre-cum and pretty sure this is how i got pregnant with my 3 year old. I'd like to think that i am very much in touch with my body and knew i was pregnant with my son way before i actually took a test at the clinic.
So anyway after this episode (a week ago) i felt a bit...different!
Four days later we had sex again after both agreeing that we wanted to conceive and he ejaculated in side of me.
I have had small tummy cramps, some headaches, lately feeling so tired that i found it hard walking home as i felt out of breath with no energy. Yesterday however, i bled a little. A week prior to my period. I wasnt really pink or brown. The first sign when i wiped after using the loo was red with a clear discharge. after this i had a very light pinkinsh bleed which lasted only a couple of hours.
My predicament is, that i've had mid cycle bleed before but usually happens 14days after day one of my period, not 21days after.. it is a little frustrating as i'm wondering if i'm having phantom pregnancy symptoms however with my first pregnancy i only felt light headed, headaches and constant urination before i took a test. I never had morning sickness once either.
I also am experiencing quite bad constipation; so little bowl movement.

any opinions???
tlkittycat1968 responded:
It could be implantation bleeding. While you usually ovulate on average 14 days after the first day of your period, it takes 6-10 days for a fertilized egg to implant and that would be around day 21 for you.

Since your period is due in a week, I'd wait if you can to see if it comes and if it's more than a day or two late, take a test.
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