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is it too early to have pregnancy symptoms?
gladys2000 posted:
I ovulated on friday. we had sex on monday, thursday and friday. Starting saturday i have been having cramps. Saturday they were pretty bad, i had to lay down and take a nap. I also feel nausus. My breast are tingling, but they dont hurt. can these be early pregnancy signs, or a my just reading too much into it because i want it so bad?
lovebird79 responded:
It's definitely too early to have pregnancy symptoms. It takes 6-10 days for the egg to implant into the uterus and typically a few days longer than that to build up enough of the pregnancy hormone to show symptoms.

When my husband and I were starting to try for a baby, I definitely started to notice things about my body I hadn't before and was convinced it was signs of pregnancy.

My advice to you - eventhough it's hard - expect 12 periods before you get a positive (this was told to me by my doctor) and wait until you have at least missed your period to test - otherwise you can easily drive yourself bonkers.

I did the OPKs and tested daily starting 6 days prior to my expected period and was so tired of being disappointed after 6 months - then the 7th month I said "screw it" and decided to just relax and enjoy the act of trying with my husband. I waited to test until I was almost 2 weeks late and BAM! I was pregnant.

Good luck to you and I hope you get your little angel soon
gladys2000 replied to lovebird79's response:
Thanks for your feedback. I have been having pretty bad cramps since saturday. they are not going away. this morning i had to stop my work out cause the cramps were pretty bad. should i be worried? could i possibly have a cyst or something?
lovebird79 replied to gladys2000's response:
I wouldn't worry too much. Unless they are super severe, I'd just recommend taking it easy - don't take any super hot showers or baths.

It could be your aunt flow or it could be implantation - this can sometimes cause cramping.

Maybe do a lighter workout until you know if Aunt flo is going to visit or not.

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