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An_255283 posted:
Hi I have been on the birth control pill for about two years now and my boyfriend and i have a lot of unprotected sex. For the past three months I have been spotting before my period and although I have had my period it's been much shorter than usual. Could these be signs of pregnancy?
gladys2000 responded:
Have you taken a pregnancy test? I would start there
tlkittycat1968 responded:
If you're on the pill, you are not having unprotected sex. The pill is a very effective method of birth control and as long as you haven't missed any, pregnancy is a very remote possibility.

The pill is also well known for making period shorter and lighter.
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lovebird79 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
I think there is a misunderstanding about what "unprotected sex" means.

This is the definition I found:
Safe sex is sexual activity engaged in by people who have taken precautions to protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDS. It is also referred to as safer sex or protected sex, while unsafe or unprotected sex is sexual activity engaged in without precautions

I know it seems knit-picky, but the reason I bring it up is because there are often young women on this forum and telling them being on birth control is protected sex may lead them to believe they are protected as defined above.

In school and general sexual education from doctors, "unprotected sex" is anytime you have sex without using precautions to minimize your risk of getting an STD.

Having said that, yet, the pill is very effective when taken properly.

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