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Help me out?
moomoo2 posted:
My hubby and I are trying to conceive. I've been off of BC since August (was on it for just under a year) and still nothing! I'm 22, my husband is 26. Both of us are healthy, there's been no previous children or miscarriages.
I just got the My Days app and we had sex 3/5 fertile days including when I was supposed to be ovulating. According to the app my next period is due the 5th. My question is this... should I see a doctor? Everyone else seems to get pregnant so quick. And what are the chances of being pregnant now? So stressed and sad...
gladys2000 responded:
dont stress, that wont help at all. the average time it takes to get pregnant is 1 year. see a doct if its over a year.
lovebird79 responded:
Oh no... don't be sad!
You've only been trying for 5 months... I tried for 7 months before getting a positive... my friend tried for 9 months.

Also, stress can actually have a negative effect on your fertility, so, though it's hard, try not to stress.

My doctor told me this: Expect to get 12 periods before you get a positive. 70% of healthy couples get pregnant within a year of trying.

I drove myself crazy for 6 months with tracking, and apps, and testing, etc.

My advice: Take one month/cycle off of the tracking/apps. Continue being healthy and taking prenatals (if you aren't, then get on some - Flinstone vitamins were recommended by my OB) - BUT be more spontaneous all month long (not just when you are ovulating).

Also, do something for yourself - Pregnancy is amazing but can also be a challenge, so pamper yourself this month and just try not to think about it.

Then - when it's time to get your period, do not test until you are two weeks late - make that a goal.
When I was stressing those six months, I had several late periods because of the stress and was super disappointed.

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