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Preggo or Paranoid
candi352 posted:
My last period was approximately 1/31. I'm a few days late now. There was one day when I missed a pill, but I took it as soon as I remembered, which was the following day along with that day's pill. I jokingly asked my cousin who I am very close to if it could be sympathy pregnancy, LOL. She just found out she is expecting. Could I be pregnant? The missed period is the only symptom.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
It's common to skip a period here and there while on the pill. A regular poster on WebMD had it happen to her three times when she was on the pill.

Taking a pregnancy test probably wouldn't hurt but if it's negative, I wouldn't worry.
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candi352 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Thanks. I plan on picking up a test later tonight.
lovebird79 replied to candi352's response:
I totally agree with tlkittycat19678 - also, if you are really close to another woman, their hormones can actually effect you as well.

At my old office (it was small) all the women's periods synced up - and I currently share an office with my boss. Within 6 months we were synced up. Once I got pregnant, her period was late. It is possible that if you spend enough time with your cousin your body could react to her body's releasing of hormones.

Women's bodies are so amazing!
candi352 replied to lovebird79's response:
LOL thanks. Our bodies are amazing!!!! I took a test last night and this morning and both were negative, but still no period. Maybe it's just late and will arrive within a few days.

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