Pregnancy test help
cat2009 posted:
I took my IUD out in July of 2013 and have been trying to get pregnant since. I gave been regular with my periods every month since the removal. I should have had my last period around February 21st. It have started yet and I have had not signs if it starting. I have take a few tests but they all look negative. It could a faint line but him not sure. I was throwing the trash out and on fell out. I took it a few days ago and it has a plus sign on it. Is it normal after the test sits for another line to show up after a few days??? When I was pregnant with my daughter I was like 9 weeks pregnant before the test showed positive. Could it be too soon to show positive yet??? Any suggestions???
tlkittycat1968 responded:
If you're looking at the pregnancy test after the 10 minutes stated on the instructions, any results are invalid and you're probably seeing an evaporation line.

Since it took a while for you to show positive with your daughter, that may be the case here. Go to the doctor for a blood test or ultrasound.
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lovebird79 responded:
Pregnancy tests sometimes have evaporation lines which can happen after the initial 10 minutes. That's why they have a time limit for reading the results.

Do you have any other symptoms?

Maybe try a digital test - I got my first positive with a Clear Blue digital - there was no mistaking when it said "Pregnant". Of course I followed that up with several other tests to verify

Your body might just be one that doesn't show up for awhile. You can either try testing again or go to the doctor.