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I am confused...
An_255887 posted:
This is about Mirena. I no longer have it, but I keep having issues... Before Mirena, I dealt with Endometriosis and I can't recall ever having had normal cycles...So, I have two kids, age 2.5 & 16 mo. I got the Mirena six weeks post-baby#2. I had it in with no periods and no side effects after the first six months. Well, that was 2012&2013. Jan-Feb 2014, my lovely little Mirena came out on its own... how long it had been just sitting up there, I don't know. Now, its march, and for the last five weeks, I have been having random chest pains, I've had two light periods( 2-5d), and I have been experiencing cysts. I had one rupture in the hospital (thank goodness i made it in time) and they said the second one was a functional cyst that did not have fluid, it was collapsed. That was five weeks ago, right? Okay, so I have been having pregnancy symptoms, and everything I have read seems to say that i could be pregnant, and I took a test a week ago, it was negative, but I could've swore that I saw something other than a negative (cheap dollar store brand) for like a split second and then it was gone. Everything I have read also states that the third pregnancy seems to be the weirdest. I have gained about five pounds, my breasts have been growing, my areolas are slowly darkening and looking wider, and even though I am fair skinned, I cant usually see the veins running to my areola as well as I can currently see them. Does anyone have any advice? I haven't gotten a positive but I sure feel pregnant!!!!!!!

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lovebird79 responded:
Cysts can cause weird symptoms as well.
I think you should talk to your doctor about it.
Tell them the symptoms and see what could be causing it.

It's possible you are pregnant, but there are so many other things going on that could cause the same symptoms.

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