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Could I be pregant?
ckauz posted:
My last period was on Feb 6th..and on feb 21st I noticed I spotted..which was like on and off through out the day and it was gone. It's march and I still haven't got my period. I don't feel sick or anything, but I have been peeing a lot this past week, my nose has been a lttle runny, my temp is a lil higher then normal, my breasts seem bigger,. but they aren't hurting me, and I have been emotional/crying as of late, I feel bloated, I don't have much of an appetite, and I have high level anxiety also been craving a certain drink which I never took an interest in before, ..I took a test..and it came back negative. not sure what is going on..but most of the things I have been reading...I am not experiencing anything else other then what I have described...could I be preg?
mariajohnson responded:
When was the last time you had sex? To find out whether your pregnant or not you need to know when you had sex and when you ovulated.
ckauz replied to mariajohnson's response:
I had Feb 10th, 11th,14th.i was fertile from the 17th - the peak was the Feb 20th, and I spotted on the 21st.the day I had sex on. since then..last time I have had sex was yesterday.

Im 32, so if I would be preg, it would be my first child. SO I am very new to this since I never experienced any type of symptoms before...I just know..that I feel really off...because I know my body and I should of gotten my period or atleast some signs of PMS. The only other time I have been late was last year when I was getting married due to stress, but I had PMS..and the weekend of my honey is when I got my period. I never spotted before..that freaked me out...etc. I am hoping that I am..because the actual time we were planning to try was last month...since we will be married almost a year come May.
tlkittycat1968 replied to ckauz's response:
Sounds like you might be pregnant. Take a test.
Proud mommy to PJ (6)
ckauz replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
I did and it came back negative. Maybe it's too soon? 2 of my friends who were preg said they didn't know they were preg till 2 months later. I am leaving for vacation this coming sunday and wont be back till good if I don't get my period by then I will see a doc. but I will be bringing tests with me for when I go...

I thought it could be stress that might be delaying my period..but even that I still had symptoms of PMS. I am trying really not to stress..I just have that gut feeling " I am". and I know every women is different.

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