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jacquelinemv86 posted:
WebMD and the My Cycle App are only a day or so different in telling me when AF is visiting. The My Cycle app said I would start on the 10th, and that didnt happen. Then WebMD said I would start today, and no far ... Nada.

Was on birthcontrol (depo) for 5 years, EEK! I know, I just wasn't ready for kids. I wanted to get over the party scene first before I even thought about having kids. I don't miss a single thing about hang overs anyway lol!

I didn't show up for my depo shot in November of 2013, it took till January of 2014 for me to start which is cool with me.

Anyway, its now August, I had slight cramps around the time I should have ovulated, I was freaking out thinking I was pregnant! I literally slept in (which I never do) I fell asleep right after work (skipped the gym bc I was exhausted), my back hurt, I was getting random crazy cramps and I was an emotional wreck! I believe that was due to ovulation!!

Started Dates:
June: 6/16
July 7/13
August: Im supposed to start TODAY! EEK!!! but no cramps.

Based on the information you've provided your cycles are about 29 days. Your most fertile days for the next three cycles are:
  • Jul 26 - Jul 30
  • Aug 24 - Aug 28
  • Sep 22 - Sep 26

What do you all think? I heard about a Q-Tip test (basically swabbing in there to see if theres any discoloration) soooo yeah I do in the shower when I clean myself and last night there wasn't anything, this morning there wasn't anything and I checked earlier in the day and nothing. Usually around AF time theres always something and then I cry like a baby because i know im going to start...
Im going to wait a few days before testing. As you can tell I'm pretty regular... so I'm keeping my fingers crossed
jacquelinemv86 responded:
8/12 Took a Clear Blue PT this morning, it said "not pregnant". Im over here with a huge headache, I woke up in the middle of the night and had to pee, my BBs are so sore, and I over slept (probably making up for the time I got up to pee)

3 Days with an absentee AF.
tlkittycat1968 replied to jacquelinemv86's response:
Some women take longer to show on tests while others never show. I'd wait and see if your next period comes and if it doesn't and you still get negative test results, see your doctor.
Proud mommy to PJ (6)
neelam_virani replied to jacquelinemv86's response:

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kinseylynne responded:
I would wait a while than test again ive heard some women still get false neg. even after AF is do maybe you should get a blood test you never know that might work better and im just going to wait awhile to test and if i get neg im going to try and get a blood test and I'm not do for AF till the 20th but I KNOW I Feel very different. I dont know if its just my nerves or what. I know preg. would have been possible this cycle but waiting till 13 or 14 Dpo is driving me crazy i took a test this morning its about 7 Dpo and it was neg. but It could have been just too early I NEVER should have tested early now I can't calm my nerves!! I just need to vent or try and distract myself from trying to test again too early
jacquelinemv86 responded:
So sad, literally felt like I jinxed myself and started yesterday...
jacquelinemv86 replied to kinseylynne's response:
hope you are I just keep praying for my own bundle of joy.
carmela755 responded:
Hi there, I just wanted to share with you a site that I am using to calculate my ovulation period and I hope this could help you too, good luck.

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