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Could my Girlfriend be pregnant?
An_258752 posted:
So exactly a week ago today, me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex with each other (NEVER again) multiple times in the same day(we used the pull out method and I pulled out properly every time but we are concerned that maybe precum could be a factor). Now before we had even done anything with each other (This was our first time having sex together) my girlfriends period was 2 days late and she was having cramps (She said they weren't really bad) but that was it so after we did stuff she still had the cramps for a few days (I think she said they still weren't bad) then at around the 4th or 5th day of her not getting her period she started getting scared that maybe something happened and she may be pregnant.
That same day she ended up talking to her sister, and her sister gave her 4 birth control pills (I believe they are called Quasense her sister also told her it was a really high dose of it) that she had left over from missing days and told my girlfriend to take 2 of them every 12 hours and it should act as a plan b pill so my girlfriend took them but me and her are still scared so she has asked me to buy a pregnancy test for her to try just in case. So I guess with all that being said I have 2 questions.

1. What are the chances my girlfriend is pregnant?
2. When should she take a pregnancy test and also which brand would be best for an accurate reading in our situation? From what I read she is suppose to take it a week after her missed period but we had sex 2 days after her missed period so how does it work now? Thank you in advance for all replies.
carmela755 responded:
Hi there, there is a chance that your girlfriend can be pregnant because of pre-cum but you should know that if your pre-cum got inside of her. As long as there is no semen got inside her vagina then she will never be pregnant. With the cramps maybe it is just a sign of a monthly period coming, but the symptoms of monthly period and being pregnant are almost the same so you can never tell unless you will take a pregnancy test after two weeks because five days is too early. Two weeks can have the accurate result. Also, I will give you a site that you and your girlfriend can use to track her last ovulation period so that you will know if and when you did it she was ovulating. I hope this site could help you as much as I did, good luck.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Well, if you're girlfriend had already missed her period when you had sex, she wasn't pregnant then.

Skipping a period is common and most women will have it happen to them at least once during their reproductive years.

She can wait and see if she gets her next period and if it's late by more than a few days, she can take a test.
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An_258752 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Hey guys, my girlfriend took a pregnancy test I got her a few days ago and it came up negative and she also got her period a day or two after she took the pregnancy test so it seems like we should be in the clear now. Thank you both for your replies

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