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Am I pregnant?
bresma posted:
Ok. I know the only real way is to take a pregnancy test or go to the dr. but I want opinions from other moms. I do have a Dr appointment on Sept. 2nd, and have called the nurse for my doctor and have not heard anything, But they are usually so busy unless it's an emergency you rarely hear back. I'm gonna give a rundown of whats going on and see what responses I get.

Usually my period comes on the 13th every month, July it came the 16th and was it's normal 3 days with a medium flow. August it came on the 16th as I guess it has chosen to do now, but I took a pregnancy test on the 15th because I though maybe July's was late because I was pregnant and I had a ton of symptoms, which can also be period symptoms, I know. Anyways, it was negative. My period lasted about a day and was extremely light, it went away for two days and then came back for about 5 hours and I only knew it was there when I wiped after using the bathroom. Now I feel a nervous/butterfly in my ovary and pelvic area right above my pubic bone. I have small bouts with nausea every now and again, like a ball of something in my throat. I also have super light cramping in the pelvic area off and on, especially after I've sat for a while and then did something active... Do you guys think I should take another test or is it my imagination? I have the appointment on the 2nd and have left a message, but while I wait for a response or the appointment I'm going to drive myself crazy wondering. I'm trying to hold off on the test until I get opinions or a response from the Dr because those things aren't cheap.

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