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Cycle day 40 and confused..
mrshardman14 posted:
I had posted this on another community for those who are already pregnant, and I didn't realize I was in the wrong place, so I figured I would repost here.

Hi, I am 29, almost 30. I have one 7 year old, but I had 3 miscarriages before she was born. My husband and I just got married in Feb. and we haven't really been trying OR preventing. (No condoms, no birth control, etc.) For about a year now, my periods have been right on track, 30 to 31 day cycles. Normal periods, and I can pretty much KNOW when AF is about to show, because my breasts get sore, and I usually break out the week before.

As of today, I am on cycle day 40. I have no symptoms of AF coming, like I would usually, but on cycle day 37 I started seeing pinkish/brownish spotting only whenever I wipe. That night I put on a pad for bedtime, just incase, but in the morning there was nothing. I only see the spotting whenever I wipe. And sometimes there is NOTHING there. I've been reading and researching, and I see all types of reasons, etc. Its beginning to get overwhelming and confusing.

I talked to my husband about it yesterday, and he wants to wait until next Friday to test, which will mean I would be at cycle day 47 by then. I don't really want to wait until then. I guess I just wanted to get some other opinions, and see what others think from experience, expertise, etc.

Thanks in advance for any comments at all.

Oh -- I almost forgot, I thought it was weird that both my husband and I have been having dreams that I was pregnant, even before the spotting ever came up. I know our bodies are crazy sometimes, but how weird is that?
simplymarvelous2010 responded:
I would totally test if I were you! I think you HCG levels would show up now. =(
Good luck and keep me posted!

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