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Mirena and Pregnancy
lovebuggs posted:

Hello , I have a question and I need some input of people who might have or are there in my position. I am a 28 year old female and I have been on mirena for abit over a year. I chose it after I gave birth to my son, my only child. Well since I am on birth control I figured I did not need to worry about that. Since I have been on mirena I had my period twice , and very light. Well when I do it is on the 11 th of the month. I last bled in april. For the past week or so things have changed. I have had short yet painful sharp pains in my right side (prev ectopic in my left side and ovary etc was removed) and the whole butterflies feeling and extreme exhaustion. I will be testing on Friday and will let everybody know If I am not.

But I need to know if anybody has been on Mirena and had a pregnancy, miscarriage while on mirena or had a healthy baby on mirena. Please let me know thanks.

derea2010 responded:
wow well your not the 1st ive gotten prego on the mirena birth control once before and i delivered my baby a month ago tomorrow and shes my 3rd
desertrose07 responded:
Howdy, I also have Mirena. I've had it since August of 09' and been having light periods. But ever since early January I havent had my period. Just recently been having major migraines, depression spells, nauaous(cant spell), tired, and really bad sharp pains in my left side. I'm 22 year old female with my one and only daughter. So your not the only one having problems or disrabtive symptoms..once again I cant spell that good.

widget88 replied to derea2010's response:
Hi, I recently had the mirena IUD put in (about 4 months ago). I recently found out I am 7 weeks pregnant. I have an OB appointment on Tuesday. This Saturday I had to go to the ER because I was having cramps in my lower abdomen. I told the nurse/doctors I was pregnant, but they still had to run all the necessary tests to determine that I was actually pregnant. Anyways, long story short they did an ultrasound, which is the second ultrasound I have had and they said they cannot find the IUD. They then did a pelvic exam and didn't find the little wires to remove the IUD. The doctor told me he believes the IUD fell out. Has anyone had this happen? Could this have happened without me noticing?

This is rather unsettling because a week and a half ago the doctor who put in my IUD told me she read over my first ultrasound and she saw the IUD in the posterior part of my uterus and the fetus in the anterior part.

I am so confused...I am worried that they won't be able to take the IUD out if it is there and the effects on the baby...

I have read over the forum and it seems that derea2010 had a baby on mirena. I was just wondering if you could elaborate a bit more-health of baby etc...did you go full-term?
roxybaby5689 replied to widget88's response:
My mom had an IUD when she was younger. She got rushed to the ER for bleeding and cramping. The IUD had fallen out. So it is possible and I have read on other forums common.

My first IUD was the paragaurd. I had no complications just a heavier than normal period. I currently have Mirena. I got it place in March of this year after having my 2nd baby girl in January. I do want more kids one day but am not looking to expand our family at this time. I have gotten my period every month on the 29th and now all of a sudden last month no period. I am 16 days past when I would normally get my period. I have taken 2 home pregnancy tests which have come back negative. I am calling the Dr. today to get my IUD removed. If or if I am not actually pregnant it is being removed.

I have been reading up on a lot of forums about pregnancy and IUD and I feel like I am better off risking pregnancy on the pill. If I am not pregnant right now and am just not getting my period how am I to ever know if I am pregnant? Take a test monthly to make sure I am not. I wouldn't want to take anychance of harming the baby
cjonas replied to MsSarah04's response:
When you suspected you could be pregnant, did you take an over the counter test or go to your doctor. I have had mirena for two years now, and I suddenly developed very painfully tender nipples, which only happend when I was pregnant and/or nursing. I see it's been two years since your post, how did the rest of your pregnancy go?

Any help/advice is appreciated!
mizzjazzy responded:
i have been having this pain in my right side also, i had mirena put in about a 4 months ago. did you ever find out what was going on?
lorthorn replied to MsSarah04's response:
Hello< I just found out Im 8 weeks pregnant with Mirena. I'm first case for my OBGYN. It seems like there are no concrete answers to my many questions and fears. Like you MsSarah. IUD is so far in and not in the uterus. Embryo seems healthy and was told to not remove mirena and to go about my life as normal as possible. Unless, I feel sharp pain and notice bleeding. My body hasn't feel like my other 3 pregncies (1 misscarriage), this one feels different. I had a fever last night, no signs of cold or flu. My body felt weak, shocked. I'm holding on to my faith as it seems the only concrete and honest answer for me right now. I'm yet to come across any women that had full term pregnancies and have positive stories to tell. If you are out there, reach out. give us some light in this shady path. In light-
RuthAlberth replied to lovebuggs's response:
so you said you would let us know if you were pregnant? I'm dying to know, your story really helped me out thanks a lot.
30_and_still_lost responded:
hey girl. Its possible..but only.....1%. Now i see that number is wrong. This passed year my bf got pregnant. She hade no Idea. One day she started feeling really bad. It didnt get better. Her period and cramps were nothing like she was used to. After a week of missing work. I finally convinced her to call her OBGYN. and the doctor told her the Mirena could have slipped and that is what was causing the pain. She told her to "examin her self to see if she could feel it. for some reason she said no I'll come in and you can go up there. thinking that would be an easy fix. By the time she left there she found out that the Mirena had slipped from...not so gentel intercourse. And was having a life threating pregnancy. She had no choice but to terminate the pregnancy. The poor girl drove far out of state to have the proceder done. The would not do it in a hospital they told her to go to a clinic. She was to ashamded to even thinking about someone she works with to, happen to run in to her in her own area. So. I know it is so posible...It is very life threating if you do get pregnant on mirena.. lovebuggs..If you read this I would like to know what happened so I can help my friend. She feels alone
30_and_still_lost replied to RuthAlberth's response:
i just read her old post. read them. yes she was pregnant
katiecat86 responded:
I had my son in October and had mirena placed at my 6 week check up. Now I feel horrible, i am very moody, and dizzy and the past two mornings I have woken up sick to my stomach.. Could I be pregnant?
tangwystl replied to katiecat86's response:
Unless your mirena fell out, I doubt that you are pregnant. I say this only because I have had the mirena for almost a year now. I suffered through migraines( had a bad one this week), dizziness,weight gain and inability to lose weight, anxiety, spotting but no heavier flow periods. And yes moodiness. My OB/GYN wanted to put me on antidepressants. I was like how about just taking the IUD out? I am 40. I know "the change" is coming someday. I had my daughter in Feb. 2011. I wanted to have my tubes tied but they wouldn't do it unless I had a c- section in the hospital. Then, they told me the mirena would be good for perimenapausal symptoms-what a joke! Oh, and it's so much more effective that getting your tubes tied. I have NEVER felt this crappy.Aside from the rare migraines and normal bloating/weight gain from my period, I have never had anxiety or inability to lose weight. Nor did I have period problems-no heavy bleeding, cramping, irregular.I only gained 12 pounds during my pregnancy. Lost that and was losing some extra weight I wanted to get rid of-I am 40 after all. After the IUD was place, weight loss stopped. And then around my periods, I would gain 5 pounds overnight! Lose that after a day or two and then it would creap back after a week. Now I am just unable to lose any weight for more than a week. I am also concerned about being pregnant. I have not had my usual spotting. My breasts are larger. I am more sexually aroused-I usually am when pregnant. I have some bloating-I look like I am pregnant. I am concerned. If these symptoms do not subside, I will be going to the doctor. My husband is trying to get into the doctor for a vasectomy. He is tired of me feeling like crap and not because of menapause.
curiousldy responded:
My sister had an IUD after the birth of her first son. She got pregnant a few months after having it placed. She carried him to term and the IUD was passed with the placenta. She went on the pill after that and got pregnant with her 3rd son! He is happy and healthy as well. So you can get pregnant on the IUD and have a healthy pregnancy. Just talk to your doctors. They will let you know what your options are. Good luck!
christinalg78 replied to lorthorn's response:
I am wondering if you could please keep me posted on your status. I too am pregnant with mirena. I some how managed to have a negative pregnancy test at 2 weeks pregnant and the doctor performed a d and c on me and inserted the mirena after conception. The mirena is now causing me pain at 10 weeks and I just found out I am pregnant. I am in the military and the doctor has no idea what to do. She stated that because I already have sharp pain I am very high risk. This risk is not to just my baby but myself as well.
zoeysmommy28 replied to MsSarah04's response:
Hi my name is brittany howard and i have iud and how do u find out u was having a baby with it?

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