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TTC & Pregnancy Abbreviations
Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
Confused about what all of those TTC (trying to conceive) and PG (pregnancy) abbreviations mean? Here's a list to help you decode them.

2WW: Two-Week Wait (until you can take a pregnancy test)
AF: Aunt Flo(w), your menstrual period
BBT: Basal Body Temperature
BD: Baby Dance (Have sex for TTC)
Beta: Blood Test for Pregnancy
BFN: Big Fat Negative (pregnancy test result)
BFP: Big Fat Positive (pregnancy test result)
CB: Cycle Buddy--someone on the same cycle as you
CM: Cervical Mucous
DC: Dear Child or Dear Children
DD : Dear Daughter
DF: Dear/Darn Fiance'
DH: Dear/Darn Husband
DP: "Dancing" Partner; spouse or significant other
DPO: Days Past Ovulation
DS: Dear Son
DTD: Doing The Deed (having sex)
ECP: Evil Crotch Pain
EDC: Estimated Date of Confinement (an old fashioned way of saying "Due Date")
EDD: Estimated Date of Delivery (Due Date)
EWCM: Egg-White Cervical Mucous
ET: Egg Transfer
FD: Fun Dancing (having sex for recreation and not because you're ovulating)
FMU: First Morning Urine (the urine best for HPTs)
HCG (hCG): Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (pregnancy hormone)
HSG: Hysterosalpingogram (checking to see if your tubes are clear)
HPT: Home Pregnancy Test
ICSI: Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (microfertilization)
IVF: In Vitro Fertilization
IUI: Intra-Uterine Insemination (a ride for the semen closer to your egg)
LMP: Last Menstrual Period
LP: Luteal Phase; the time between ovulation and Aunt Flow
O: Ovulation
OPK: Ovulation Predictor Kit
PCOS (POS): Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
PG: Pregnant
POAS: Pee On A Stick (check for pregnancy)
RE: Reproductive Endocrinologist, a doctor who is a fertility expert
SA: Semen Analysis
TTC: Trying to conceive


Blue Team = Having a Boy
Pink Team = Having a Girl
Green Team = Going to find out gender, but don't know yet
Yellow Team = Not going to find out gender
Purple Team = Know gender, but not telling
Plaid Team = Girl/Boy Twins

HTH (hope that helps)!

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Anon_125677 responded:
what does KUP stand for?

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