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An_185089 posted:
Im a girl btw and i have a serious problem u see i get headaches off and on and vomit but i dont throw up its like when i lay down it comes up but not out i been having stomach aches off and on and i missed my last period which was 12 days ago matter of fact july 2 was my last period and i ovulated the 18 19 20 and had sex unprotected those days as well does this seem like pregnancy or what i havent took a test but i dont get sick everyday its off and on since i missed it someone plz answer this and yes i had sex without protection with my man
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blessednhighlyfvrd responded:
only way to know is to take a test especially since you are 12 days late. its important to start prenatal vitamins ASAP
An_185090 replied to blessednhighlyfvrd's response:
Thanks for the advice but this would be my first experience i mean i havent got sick and my stomach doesnt upset me its just i get bad headaces i eat alot more and its been 18 days my period starts on the 1st of August i missed that and july 15 16 17 18 i ovulated and had sex unprotected im scared all my sisters have kids and they be like is your stomach hard do u see a black line i be like i been had a black line what is it for me to see but im gone get a test thanks for the advice anymore input would be great
DanyellBird replied to An_185090's response:
the black line doesn't appear until in late trimesters, and if it does that is very strange, and not normal. you could very well be pregnant the only way to know for sure is to take a test or just not have sex (the best kind of birth control.)
YesthisisKim responded:
It seems like you're experiencing acid reflux, not vomit that doesn't come out. Try Tums for that plus the heartburn I'm sure it's giving you.
You deffinitely need to take a HPT to verify if you are pregnant or not. Make sure to use your first mornings urin for the most accurate results. Also, the more expensive the test, the more accurate the results will be.
KAileen10 replied to DanyellBird's response:
Whats the deal with the black line? Is it something on your body? Sorry for the ignorance I've just never heard of it. Thanks!
peteregan responded:
Pregnancy tests are cheap and can be obtained online for less than $5. My recommendation would be to get one and find out for sure.

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