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Why 1st morning urine?
phoenixfire76 posted:
I bet some of you are wonder why you should always use 1st morning urine when testing with home tests.

Well the theory is that because most women sleep 8 hrs a night and that means that your urine collects over that amount of time and has time to condense/build up. So using that condensed urine give you a better chance of accurate results.

Now this hinges on also when you are testing. I don't suggest testing until you are at least 3-5 days late. That way if you are indeed pregnant that should give the pregnancy hormone in your urine to reach levels that most test should be able to pick up.

Best of Luck.
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Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Great tip, Phoenix!

This could definitely help some ladies save money on Home Pregnancy Tests!


tprxkillerpotato responded:
Yeah but if you are pregnant, does it matter if you take the test in the evening or other time of the day rather than the morning? Won't it still come out positive? Or if you're not pregnant, isn't it still the same?
phoenix31674 replied to tprxkillerpotato's response:
It depends on what the concentration of Hgh in your urine is. It needs to past a certain threshold to be detected by the test (which varies by manufacturer), so if you use urine from only a couple hours after you last urinated and you are early in your pregnancy the test might not show positive when in fact you are pregnant. Of course some women use first morning urine and even after missing their period twice do not have high enough levels of Hgh to show positive. False positives are rare, but false negatives are quite common since everyone produces different amounts of Hgh.

The longer you wait before using urine for the test, the greater the concentration of Hgh will be and the more likely you are to get an accurate reading.
An_185095 replied to phoenix31674's response:
How long do you wait before you retest? I had a very short period recently with spotting for about a week before that. It also came three days earlier. I took a test on tuesday afternoon(5/24/11) and it said not pregnant. When should i take one again? Should i take another one? My annual isn't until June 14th.
cadfael44 responded:
I have a question about home tests. There are tests on the market that claim to be able to test for pregnancy as soon as 5 days after conception. How accurate are those tests if there has to be build up of Hgh?

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