Mo5673 posted:
I'm on the 3 year implant birth control device known as Implanon. I've had a couple of scares before and when I've tested then all was good. The difference now is, I sleep like a drugged up bear. Like, I literally sleep at least 12 hours a day and if I could get more, I probably would. I eat like off and on all the time, but it was when I started craving Reese's and Bananas that I got surprised (I don't like Bananas). In Feb I had my period four times, it's halfway through April and have no signs of anything other then mild cramps. I made Ramen and put chicken seasoning in and could smell it across the kitchen. My boobs are tender, like I've gotten soreness with my period but but they hurt all over and a lot, and they're getting bigger which hasn't happened since I was 16. I've hear of people getting pregnant on my birth control, and then others not. I have a test and am planning on taking that fairly soon. Just was wondering how my predicament seems to others.
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