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Here is what my OBGYN said
An_242938 posted:
I just wanted to say first of all that this forum was really helpful in making me calm down. I am 29 years old and I was on seasonique lo for about 1 and a half years. My last pack the yellow pills came and went with no period. I stopped taking them and nothing still. I was freaking out as you can imagine. I am married but since my husband is working on his masters we could not afford a child and I am sure not ready. I was horrified that nobody told me my period could be missed totally. After reading your posts I realized that the reason my migraines were getting worse, my skin was a mess, I was more lethargic, and gaining weight was due to the medicine. I feel a lot better since I stopped and my skin, weight and headaches are so much bettter. Not to mention to my husbands delight my sex drive is back.
The important part: Im not pregnant!
I just went to my OBGYN on Wednesday. First thing she said is "are you freaking out?" of course I said yes. SHe said she wanted me to know that it was highly unlikely that I was pregnant and that this pill is so effective that even if I had missed a day without doubling up it was really unlikely to happen. I wish I had known that before but they did a urine and a blood test and I am not pregnant. It may take a long time for your period to come back after starting the medicine. I am still around 15 days late but they assure me it may take a while. I switched back to Orthotricyline lo (excuse my spelling). Even though I loved not having a period the scare and the side effects were just to much.
So girls I just want you to know if you are in a state of panic...calm down take a test and call your doctor!
Thank you to everyone who shared their story you have no idea how much you helped me
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mcarrico44 responded:
Oh yeah and I have IBS (a stomach disorder) so it made me think I was having all kinds of symptoms. And the OBGYN told me I was making myself later with the stress!

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