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pregnant with negative test results and then a miscarriage
isabelas_mommy posted:
hi girls u had the worst experience we have been trying to get pregnant for a while and then I missed my period I took 8 pregnancy tests and they are came up negative and then someone told me that it could be negative for up to 8 weeks and then at 5 1/2 weeks of pregnancy the worst thing that I could imagine happened I had a miscarriage even though the tests showed negative results but by my calculations I knew I was at 5.5 weeks but I couldn?t start any prenatal care because I needed proof of pregnancy to be able to get health insurance so I recommend to just go with what you believe because the tests aren?t always right.
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want2bamumE responded:
Hi I'm new here and I read your do you know it was a miscarriage? Did you find tissue and took it to be examined? I was wondering because I had a similar experience but I didnt take anything to the doctor for him to test( I dont even know if drs would do that) Its has always bothered me cause it wouldve beennice to get confirmation that i was actually pregnant
hwecker2 responded:
I have also taken 8 pregnancy tests all showing me a negative. Was itching really bad and went to the clinic and she did one and thought it looked like a faint positive. Now ive noticed my abdomen getting bigger, im very moody, tired, constipated, my abdomen feels full, however im not sure what i need to do cuz i hate to go to the doctor for no apparent reason....i keep getting negative tests but feel pregnant.
sweetpea9272003 replied to hwecker2's response:
I wanted to know how everything turned out. I have beenhaving some of the same symptoms , but I have not missed a period. I notice that the last two month I had swelling in my ankles and lowerback pains which I have never had a problem with. Any suggestions
fuzzywuzy responded:
Last year I thought I was pregnant. I had what seemed every symptom in the book but took a handful of HPTs and they were always neg. Then I started with horendous cramping and lots of weird discharge that was very brown and had what looked like tissue in it. I was freaked out and thought I was having a miscarriage. Went to GYN and found out that I had a ruptured ovarian cyst and was not pregnant. He said that when they rupture they release a ton of hormones and can easily mimick pregnancy symptoms and the discharge was the rupture.
princesslaalaa responded:
understand all of that, ive been pregnant 5 times and had 5 miscarriges and only 1 time did i get a positive test and that wasnt until i was 13 weeks along....i currently am going throug that situation again i have all the signs missed period nauseated all the time smells and certain foods bother me swollen tender breasts and my abdomen is getting firm but still no positive tests and of course the ob wont do anything until a positive shows up....i talked to my family dr and talked then into doing the spontaneous abortion blood test...its the same test they do to see if you are having a miscarriage it detects the lowest amount of the pregnancy hormone so i have my fingers crossed that this will show that i am...
nicolesong responded:
am new too, except my daughter is the one who is going through this. Her periods are never the same so we cant tell when she will be exspecting her next one. So my question to you is this, how do we tell if she pregnant when she has the signs but home tests show negatve?
marsharileylamont replied to sweetpea9272003's response:
well.....what was ur outcome?
Sdestinysharon responded:
Let me tell you Isabelas mommy, your story is the exact same as mine. I took several pregnancy tests and they all came back negative. I even went to the doctor and the tests were still negative until I had a blood tests and it came back positive. I then miscarried at 6 weeks
curiousgordis replied to nicolesong's response:
Hello I am the same irregular periods nd negative pregnancy test but Ian now showing signs of a miscarriage what was your daughters outcome
whitneyj21 responded:
I just found out last Monday that I was pregnant and yesterday on oct 27 took another test it was negative. So we went to the doctors it was negative. They sent me for blood work even if it's negative I know I was pregnant. I already have 1 daughter so I know what it feels like
tlkittycat1968 replied to whitneyj21's response:
It's possible the tests you took after your positive one weren't as sensitive. Tests can have different sensitivities, even tests in the same box.
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kristine403 replied to whitneyj21's response:
Hi, you cannot really get an accurate result with home pregnancy test. It was right for you to take a blood test so that you can have an accurate result. Maybe you are pregnant if that's what you are feeling because you are the only one who will know if you are pregnant. Let me also share here with you a site you can use to calculate your due date, good luck and keep me posted.

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