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    Sarah Palin's Alaska
    MrSnowy posted:
    I thought this would provide interesting discussion. Did anyone see Sarah Palin's Alaska? Aparently it was a big hit. The relationship she has with her husband seems pretty genuine. My women friends say that her husband is a hunk. I dont know he just seems like a dude to me.

    What is everyone's thoughts on the show? What are your thoughts on the Palin couple?
    ImMe26 responded:
    My thoughts are there are TOO MANY reality shows!! Why does every famouse person ,get a reality show??

    For as the couple question.....they seem any other *celebrity couple*...fine til they divorce....
    Don't put off tomorrow, what you can accomplish today!! Procrastination is a KILLER!!--ME(26)SO(28)DD1(10yr)DD2(8yr)DS(2yr)SO's-DD(8yr)DS1(6yrs)DD(5yr)LUV THEM ALL ALWAYS WANTED A HUGE FAMILY
    ImMe26 replied to ImMe26's response:
    I was being sarcastic bout the divorce thing, but reality shows, do have a thing for splitting up who knows...
    Don't put off tomorrow, what you can accomplish today!! Procrastination is a KILLER!!--ME(26)SO(28)DD1(10yr)DD2(8yr)DS(2yr)SO's-DD(8yr)DS1(6yrs)DD(5yr)LUV THEM ALL ALWAYS WANTED A HUGE FAMILY
    butterfly19790424 replied to ImMe26's response:
    So true! I haven't seen it yet. I don't know if this is a full fledged reality show so thier chance of divorce may be small. But you never know.

    There are only 6 episodes and I meant to watch the first one, but I forgot about it. I am really considering watching Sunday's episode. The previews were cracking me up. I like it when Bristol told Sarah to take her prom hair and go back home. I chuckle.

    Yes, I think Todd is a hunk.
    A true friend is someone who knows you're a good egg even if you're a little cracked
    MrSnowy replied to ImMe26's response:
    You are right about the reality shows. The kate plus 8 you could see the divorce coming. The way she would treat him, I just knew he was not going to take anymore. Now Sarah is hot so he would have a hard time finding another one to match. But you never know tiger woods had a great looking wife.

    They seem like the genuine couple.
    Schmaylan replied to MrSnowy's response:
    I havent watched it. I dont really plan to as the Palins dont really spark my interest..

    On a side note did anybody hear Tiger Woods saying how "inifinitely" happy he is now? That hes "sorry that the ones closest to me got hurt the worst but truthfully Im better because of it" What an ass...
    Tomorrow doesnt hold onto yesterday....
    3point14 replied to Schmaylan's response:
    It sounded like Tiger said that the way an addict talks about hitting rock bottom. Like he felt terrible about what he did, but that he's going to be a better person. Even if it's just words, I prefer to hear a cheater imply they won't do it again.

    As for the Palins, I refuse to acknolwedge her as a celebrity in the same way I refused to vote for her as a politician. I think this culture is totally repugnant in that it is glorifying a woman who has done nothing special in her profession except have a decent rack while doing it.

    As for her relationship with her husband, all I gotta say is: poor guy.
    ...oh, you know me...I love the universe, I love all the listeners, watch it! Here's fifty-thousand watts of goodwill! (thepixies bam!thwok)
    elle0317 responded:
    Haven't watched the show and I refuse to give that woman any of my time, as I cannot stand her snobby attitude. She is not a celebrity, she is a coat-tail rider, nothing more.
    GuardSquealer responded:
    Hopefully she will find some thin ice, due to global warming and that will be the end of her.
    Luca_Brasi replied to 3point14's response:
    Sorta like how this culture glorified the current occupant in the White House in 2008.
    I have not seen the show, but may tune in to see the splendor of the beautiful state that is Alaska.
    MrSnowy replied to Luca_Brasi's response:
    What no love for the palins. I cant believe how intolerant some people are. There is so much hate.

    3.14 you are wrong it is not about her rack it is about her legs. She has nice legs.
    queston responded:
    The only reason I would watch it would be to see the scenery. (I mean the Alaska scenery, not the Sarah Palin scenery, although I will admit I do find her quite attractive. Physically, that is.)

    But mostly, I just have zero interest in that genre of TV show.
    MrSnowy replied to queston's response:
    The scenery is amazing. In the episode she climbed a Glacer and the outdoors is amazing.
    Luca_Brasi replied to MrSnowy's response:
    I agree she is a very attractive woman, and also has a wonderful family.
    I just think that some of the northeastern elitists can't digest her all that well and they have distaste for conservative women in general.
    Get over it. It is just a television show afterall. You can always tune in to that hit sensation with Snooki, or one to find out who the baby daddy is.

    You betcha !
    queston replied to Luca_Brasi's response:
    Sadly, there may be some truth to your claim about some people having a distaste for women in politics. But let's be real: there are plenty of successful women in politics. That's not the issue with Sarah Palin, for the most part.

    The issue with Sarah Palin is that she showed herself to be shockingly ignorant of many of the basic things a national-level political hopeful needs to know. I think this should be clear enough to anyone regardless of their political leanings.

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