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strange sex!
divachic1 posted:
So, I was watching this show called STANGE SEX.. and there was this guy with the biggest penis. 13"inches baby. and you could see everything through his pants. This was on the network that shows sister wives.....For some reason I was like" who would want to even take all that." H e was really hung. I mean like to his knees.Would sex be good with that much manhood? He cant even find condems to fit that he has to order his..... Anyway I was in awww for about an hour.

I know i think I am hot mamma. ochie coochie sex on a platter....I know if I met a man with all that..i would break and run, and prob forget my shoes. just run out the door barefoot. Maybe i would grab clothes so i wouldnt be embarrassed...........smooches
They said the sky was the limit. And baby I put my footprint all in it.And made my mark.
ImMe26 responded:
You soooo crazy...!!!!

I have to leave so I cant comment anymore...BUT GIRL YOUR TOO SILLY!!!! LOLLOLLLOL>>.
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divachic1 replied to ImMe26's response:
But you know I am right..He need to do something with all that. It just wouldnt be me.!!!!!! prob would thought it was a snake. girl run........
They said the sky was the limit. And baby I put my footprint all in it.And made my mark.
Contemplating19 responded:
Strange sex has been around for years. I used to glance @ it from time to time. Hell, majority of the things they showed on there I didn't find strange. I did find the "Furries" pretty hilarous however. I would think that having sex with an animal costume on would make you too hot and restrict movement...

Anyway, I laughed too hard at your "ochie coochie" comment. I haven't heard that since I was in the 10th grade.

Yeah... right up there with "She all that, and a bag of potato chips."
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divachic1 replied to Contemplating19's response:
heard that "ochie coochie' on the movie WAITING TO EXHALE......WHEN SHE CALLED THE GIRL OCHIE COOCHIE DIVA
They said the sky was the limit. And baby I put my footprint all in it.And made my mark.

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