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a small rant
SC_Cat posted:
As most of you know, my son is serving in the US Army in Afghanistan right now. So I know my rant is biased because of that but any way here goes... There was recently a military funeral in my small town... The young man (he was only 30 years old) died in Afghanistan... He left behind a wife and 3 small children... My problem was with a group of protestors that yelled at the family about how horrible their son, husband or father was for serving in a war that they didn't like... I just thought this was not the place to say those things... This family lost a family member.. those children lost their father... If you don't agree with the war go to Washington and voice your opinion... Being mad at the family of a soldier just doesn't feel right... Thanks for listening....
queston responded:
I'm generally a pacifist, and therefore am generally sympathetic to anti-war sentiments, but I completely agree.

Yes, in America we have the right to speak out in protest of things. But, for God's sake, show some class and do not choose to exercise this right at a person's funeral. That's just reprehensible behavior.

Besides, it's not the soldiers who make the decisions to go to war.
ImMe26 replied to queston's response:
I agree a funeral wsa not the place to voice these opinions.

How sad.
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3point14 responded:
((hugs)) It enrages me, so I can't imagine how it feels for you. I really think there's something mentally wrong with people like that, though, if that's any comfort.

So disgusting. Sorry you had to see it.
alaska_mommy replied to 3point14's response:
That's just sick and wrong. How horrible for the family to have to listen to that. They should be hearing people thanking them for their son's service to the country.
tmlmtlrl responded:
You know what additionally pisses me off is that when that shooting happened in AZ and oh what was it, Senator Gibbons was shot and a little girl among others -- when they had those funerals they made an exception and made it so the protestors had to be MUCH farther away!!

I think those "people" are sick bastards and a sorry excuse for God's children (because it's some church that holds these protests). I don't know that I could stand by idle in that scenario. I do have military family members and have heard of more of these sad stories from them.

Maybe someone someday will start a protest against them and stand facing them and screaming in their faces during their protest so that people in the funeral will see only chaos and not hear those disgusting maggots!

Whew, I'm done... (( HUGS )) SC_CAT you are not alone.
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gd9900 responded:
Its really a damned shame these protesters don't have an ounce of respect for one of our own countrymen/women who willing gave their life for their right to be ingorant enough not to understand there is a time and place for them to protest...a funeral isn't the time or place.

I am a veteran and its not easy hearing stories like this. There is a group out there called the "Patriot Guard Riders" please check out their website they are there for the asking to prevent this from happening. Let me tell you from experience, anyone in uniform (local and state police, firefighters, ems) called to "monitor" a military funeral service will willingly help these guys "handle" the situation...and they all stick together to put that fire out so the family, friends, and others attending the funeral can do so in peace. Keep talking, this is no small rant.
tmlmtlrl replied to gd9900's response:
That website brought me to tears. Thank you gd9900. I will be passing that along to others.
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.
SC_Cat replied to tmlmtlrl's response:
just wanted to say Thanks to everyone's support... I was just so outraged I was speechless at the time...

gd9900...Thank you for your service... I appreciate everyone that serves our country is a hero....
naggingwife74 responded:
I am so sorry to any family that would have to deal with something like that. There are disrespectful, unappriciative people everywhere I guess. Too bad they can't realize that person died fighting for the rights they are exercising.

It's sad because you want to say that you would love to go to a funeral of one of their loved ones and do the same thing to show them how it feels. But, as decent, respectful people; most of us would never do that.

Those are the people that make me wish people were still drafted into the military.
stephs_3_kidz responded:

I know how disheartening that is. My brother is active duty Army, for almost 9 years now. He's been to Afghanistan three times and Iraq twice. He was injured in Afghanistan the last time he went.

It's disgusting that some people think that's ok..
FCL responded:
I am horrified by that. How totally lacking in sensitivity and respect someone must be to do something as cruel as that. I sincerely hope they were all arrested and charged with breach of the peace or harassment.

As if the day wasn't hard enough for the family they had to deal with ignorance and insults too.
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queston replied to FCL's response:
That sums it up well, FCL. The fact that the deceased was in the military is really immaterial in my opinion. The more important point is that any family deserves to honor their loved one who has died without jerks doing something like that.
stephs_3_kidz replied to FCL's response:
They don't arrest them. In fact, they protect them and their rights to protest.

In fact, a deceased soldier's father was ordered just last year to pay Fred Phelps (the "pastor" of the "church") for legal fees incurred in a civil claim against the "church".

It's ridiculous.
ImMe26 replied to stephs_3_kidz's response:
As tacky as it is, it is a right.

People should be able to morn and grieve and not have to hear that kind of non-sense.

Im surprised there wasnt a story next to it, about someone beating them up or something, thats just very upsetting.
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