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Election day Confessions 11/7 thru 11/13/2011 What is on the ballot that you are interested in?
GuardSquealer posted:
Well this year I am watching Issue 2 in Ohio. If it passes that means senate bill 5 goes through and that will wreck my job. I probably will just go ahead and quit after 17 years. Although I am not a huge believer in unions I don't feel this bill is the solution to our problems.

I also confess that I am not sure if I am 100 percent convinced first shift is better for me. Whenever I start to think about everything I start to have an anxiety attack.
Spankyrae responded:
Oh yeah, that Issue 2. I'd be amazed if it passes considering how much outcry has been against it. It will be exciting to see what happens.

I hope you can get to feeling better. Have you talked to anyone or seen your doctor about anxiety?
longduckdong46 responded:
I have read about the Issue 2 and some pluses and minuses to it.
Personally I am not a big believer in the unions, and for the most part they have run their course. It seems to me that they generally only protect the worthless employees, take dues, and contribute to the democratic coffers.
So basically if you are in a public employee union, tax payer money goes directly to fund democratic candidates.
Just doesn't seem fair to me.
Anyway hope that it works out well for you in your situation.

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