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How certain are you of when you last had sex?
queston posted:
How certain are you of when you last had sex?

I am almost always aware of exactly when the last time was. My wife, OTOH, often recalls quite inaccurately. She'll say something like "We just did it a couple nights ago," when, in reality, it was 6 or 8 (or whatever) nights ago.

So it worries me slightly that I really can't remember the last time. I know it's been a couple weeks. It feels like I've somehow stopped caring so much about something that I used to care about a lot. In a sense this is a happy development--it means that something that has been a source of enormous frustration for me over the last few years is probably becoming less of a source of frustration.

But, OTOH, it seems kindof sad, too. Like I am now officially old and/or pathetic.
3point14 responded:

No real advice, except I'm sorry it's gotten to that point. I don't think you're pathetic not to want to keep a source of hurt and bad feelings in the front part of your brain, though.
Spankyrae responded:
"The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference."

You sound very apathetic, perhaps as a means of coping. I wouldn't rationalize it a happy development, my friend.

What is the status of you guys working on things? Any counseling?
darlyn05 responded:
I'm understanding this to be sort of like a 'Poll' type discussion. I used to remember more readily. In fact, I remember having bad days and commenting about this very thing and saying I need that right now so I can destress. I don't really look at it as officially being old, more like a part of time during life. And I imagine the importance will resurface again and even again as life continues.
Spankyrae replied to darlyn05's response:
That makes sense. And I completely missed the actual question of the post.

I can remember it pretty clearly. I may have to reflect on what else I did that day to recall, but I'd be pretty close even if wrong.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Friday November 11 around 10p.

We usually only have sex once a week and it's usually on a Friday or Saturday night.
ImMe26 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
This morning around 8am......we are its hard to tell sometimes...LOL.
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