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Update on my son in Afghanistan
sc_cat posted:
Hey Guys... Haven't given an update for a while on my son... The past 3 months have had some really bad parts and some really good parts... My son turned 21 in December so that was sad for us to have him so far away but me and his grandmother both sent him birthday cakes so him and his buddies had some home baking... but then 1 week after his birthday he was hurt and he had to kill someone before the guy shot him again... he is ok physically, he is still dealing with having to use his gun (remember he is a medic so shooting isn't something that he does normally)... but he got to be home for Christmas for 2 weeks... a total surprise to me... His father picked him up at the airport and my son just walked into my house the Thursday before Christmas... It was the most amazing Christmas present I could ever have... Those 2 weeks flew by.. it was so difficult to put him back on the plane to go back but I knew he had to... since he has been back in Afghanistan he seems to be doing ok... He has nightmares about the day he was hurt and everything that happened that day but he has a lot of support from the other guys there... I just wish my baby could be back in the States... I miss him so much... Some days are so hard ... today is one of them...

thanks for listening....
heart604 responded:
"God Bless", and keep your son safe until he his back in the arms of his family. I hope he gets to Sype you. It is a great thing to be able to see and talk to them it makes them seem closer.

We have 2 boys that are Navy. One retired last year and the other is over there in the eye of the tiger.
sc_cat replied to heart604's response:
Thanks... We do skype... we email... we facebook... any communication is good... I can't imagine what families did before without all the technology we have today...

Thank you and your sons for their service...

I have seen how much my son has grown into a since a mature young man in the past 1 1/2 years... He was a wonderful young man before but he has matured so much... It is amazing... He has made comments about how immature some of his friends that he graduated from high school with are now... It's kind of funny to hear my baby talk like that...

God Bless our Troops!

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