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    cant have sex
    msjmkelly5 posted:
    Ok i have 3 kids youngest will be one 3-24 in the last 2 wks i have been really horny but when i get in bed and start to move in my body freezes n i get scared. dont get me wrong i spend all day wanting to have sex with my hubby but cause of kids i cant do anything during the day. so by the time i get the kids in bed get a shower i am so horny i cant stand it. but like i said when i start to move my body wont go. i can get my body to cuddle and love on him but cant have sex. this is recent like i said. i should also state that i had my tubes tied when i had my son via c-section. please help my marriage in trouble and this may be the reason.
    Anon_79663 responded:
    This sounds a lot like what my wife and I are going through. She says she wants to jump my bones when I get home but for wstevervreaon she doesn't. It has gotten to the point that we are scheduling sex. Itvmskes me a bit nervous in that we ave only been married 9 yrs. Hope u get som responses asi would like to knkwvas well

    Has.your husband ever denied u? I've never done that but maybe u feel he might tell u no so u freeze up and do nothing
    darlyn05 responded:
    Could there be a possibility that you are fearful of becoming pregnant again? Even if you are using birthcontrol, I can see that maybe being a hinderance. Could you maybe be suffering from post-partum depression that might be showing up in this area? How old are all of your children? Are your married? How long have you been with your partner?

    A little more information would be helpful.
    msjmkelly5 replied to darlyn05's response:
    have been with him for 3yrs married 9 months i have 3 kids 9, 23month 11months i am affraid of more kids i doubt it is depression cause i am on bipolar meds been on them for 1yr april. we had sex last night but he started it n it was a little weird n uncomfortable for the first min or two i enjoy sex n want it once or twice a day my 23month has also been allowed to get in bed with us at night i have been fighting that for a while now i hope this info helps pls ask all the questions u need to help thank u
    darlyn05 replied to msjmkelly5's response:
    My guess is that it could be a combination of the meds, stress/anxiety(even performance anxiety), PPD, the bi-polar, fear, the 23 yr olds routine(which could take away the sensual sense of 'the bed/bdrm'), or exhaustion that when you get in bed it's comfortable and even though your mind says 'yes' yur body says 'I'm done for the day'. If this has just come about for the last couple of weeks maybe it will pass and remedy itself.

    You could also post this discussion of the WebMd Sexual Health Community exchange. Here's the link:

    Good Luck!
    msjmkelly5 replied to darlyn05's response:
    thanku so much u have really helped

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