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darlyn05 posted:
I overheard a client at/of the barn in a conversation with another client discussing the respect they feel they get from others and it went into the differing relationships they had; mother, grandmother, father, grandfather, husband, boyfriend, co-worker, friend and the like. And it got me thinking of the different ways I show respect for those different relationships. It also got me thinking of how I expect to be respected in those relationships. I'm not sure, and certainly hope, that I don't fall short in showing the appropriate respect for the relationship at hand that at that moment I'm in. Isn't respect sort of earned? I don't show the same respect for one that I may show for another, do you? I think it's about the level of the relationship. I do always show respect where it is deserved, of course even commonly. I also think that some respect goes without saying, like that for my parents or siblings. Of course if they had been really rotton then the level of respect I hold for them would be less. And at the same time I'd still have some respect for their postion in my life. KWIM?
Spankyrae responded:
I believe everyone should be treated with the same amount of respect. You may interact with people differently based on the relationship, but respect should be given to everyone on the same level, IMO. Even someone you don't like or who has wronged you. Respect can be given without it being an invitation for friendship or more.
darlyn05 replied to Spankyrae's response:
Yes. I just wonder if they were intertwining the different type or level of connection with respect. Or maybe I didn't hear enough of the conversation and it may have began with society as a whole. They're both nice ladies, one may come across as a bit snobbish, I think she is just confident.

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