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Out of love
countrygirlkay posted:
Hi, this is my first post on this community i lurk alot tho. I have been with my fiance for almost 3 years and here lately he has broken my trust and it hurts so bad, our relationship hasent been perfect but after he broke my trust this past weekend i kinda feel that maybe im no longer in love with him, i love him yes but im not sure if im just so hurt that maybe idk how to feel right now...
FaFaTy responded:
i've encountered the same situation youre facing right now as for me why not gave it a try once more if you really loved a guy there is what we call sacrifice. There's a saying that "love hurts" it only means that if it hurts you really loved that person and if it no longer hurts you it only means one thing you no longer love that person. ^_^
3point14 responded:
Hi, countrygirl. Sorry about your current relationship troubles.

How did he break your trust? What's been said since it happened? What is he willing to do to regain your trust?

How long have you two been engaged? When are you getting married? If you feel you're no longer in love with him, what's making you stay? One of the main points of marriage is to spend forever with someone you love, and if you don't feel that way about him anymore, you need to really evaluate if you want to move this relationship forward.

Wish I could help more, but with so little information I just encourage you not to do anything rash until you've had a chance to really look at what he did and how you can move on from it, or if you can. Best of luck, hun.
darlyn05 responded:
I think the previous posters/responders have good points, and questions. It's difficult to offer much with little information. I'm guessing that you may have this question because your feelings are hurt currently and that may cloud your decision.

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