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Just Friends
SamGreen19 posted:
I would like to know what you think of this:
Back in college, i dated a friend of mine for around 9 months. During those months, i cant help but
be strongly attached to him. He's a great guy, a gentleman and really sweet. we shared a lot of
laughter and heartache. I can tell that i loved him so much and felt loved by him as well. He was my
first, no regrets.
Now here's the twist, we never bacame official. He's commited to someone else for 7 years. His
Girlfriend is a military nurse. they dont get to see each other often. What they have is more like a
long distance relatioship. I have to admit, i was the other woman. the thought was so belittling on
my part. there came a time when we cant go on. we just have to stop. confrontation came, of course,
he chose her. He said he felt guilty about it. i was very hurt, deeply. i never get to tell him how i really
i stopped talking with him for a while, stopped seeing each other. It was so hard to accept that i lost
him. after a month, i heard from a common friend that they broke up.
Three years passed and we are still good friends. we communicate until now like nothing
happened. After him, i had a boyfriend but didnt last long. As for him, he courted two girls already
since we stopped dating. Neither of them worked out for him either. Now, we are constantly talking
and texting each other. We did go out a few times already. I even celebrated my birthday this year
with him and another friend. I feel like I'm falling for him once again. I know i have to hold back. Im so
afraid that history might repeat itself. Right now, He's single and unattached. However, what scares
me more is the fact that he is courting another girl. I asked him about the new girl, he said he
stopped courting her. Recently, they went out on a date, according to him, it meant nothing.
They're just friends and also what we are, Just Friends. Despite the fact that we are just friends, i
feel happy and excited going out with him. When we are together, he is maliciously sweet. He does
things that he never do to his other female friends. I dont want to jump into conclusions. I dont wanna
hold on to the idea that we cant have a formal relationship. I am one of the few people who really
knows him as an individual, not withstanding clueless on the situation. Recently, we talked about the
past, our past. He said sorry for subjecting me in such predicament. But he'll never regret the times
we had shared. He said, he's already reaping his karma.
I'll appreciate whatever advice you can give. Thank You.

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