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Heartbroken and frustrated
An_245422 posted:
My girlfriend of three years and i had broken up recently and we have since reconciled. Before we got back together she confessed to me that she had slept with someone i knew. Someone that i work with. It kills me inside that she done this. I appreciate her honesty, i love her and i want to make it work, but i can't get the image of them two out of my head. When I'm home alone with her things are great. When i am separate from her its constantly in my mind and it makes me sick and mad and crazy. i just want to tell her that i hate her and move on with my life. Thinking about what she's done pretty much consumes my life and i don't know what to do at this point.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
If what she did whle you were broken up is bothering you that much, the best thing may be to let her go.
darlyn05 responded:
I'm guessing that since you work with this other person keeping these images out of your mind is hindered. Also, if you recently reconciled understand that it may take time to remove these images and I'm guessing some trust issues also. Try this, when the thoughts or images come to mind remind yourself that it's not helping you or anyone or rebuilding the relationship or your job performance - then imagine you have a pair of scissors in your hand and cut the string to those thoughts letting them float away like balloons.

Remember the two you were broken up at the time as tlkittycat1968 mentioned. It may feel as though she cheated and at the same time realistically she didn't. If the two of you were on a 'break' and stipulation of being exclusive existed, that would have a different perspective on the situation.

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