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Emotional Affair
cbear posted:
My husband had a emotional affair with a girl at work for the past couple of years. I found out by his cellphone. My husband and I were away for a quiet weekend and he was in the shower and I looked on his cell phone and he had texted his girlfriend that he loved her and missed her. He tells me that he never kissed her and even held hands with her. Im not to sure I believe him. We have been married for 25 years and I love him so much, I just can't trust him again. Not to sure what to do. Any sugguestions.
fcl responded:
Seriously? He tells a woman he's never kissed that he loves her? I find that extremely hard to believe. And it's been going on for a couple of years? I'd be doubting that the affair was purely emotional...

Anyway, what is he doing about it? Ended the affair? Changed jobs?

I think that, if you want to get past this, counselling would be the best place to start.

There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
grimrider responded:
do way will make you happy. not how he feels obviously he's not considering your feelings or the sanctity of this marriage after 25yrs if he continues to tell this women things he tells you. vows have been broken and hes making excuses to keep this convenient situation goin for him. i would say move on. enjoy and life LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST!!
An_249530 responded:
I would just leave i mean like poeple have said before why would he tell a woman that he loves if nothing is really there at all? However i know how it feels to be with someone that has lied and your not clear on if you have been told the complete truth or not. Especally when it is someone you love so much. Maybe counseling would help? Obnce trust is lost its a hard road especally if your like me and do not know how to let things go. Good luck and i hope thingd get better either way.

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