probly just me right?
grimrider posted:
ok so heres my issues mother working with SO also working. we have our kids which is mainly our life. we are young and maintaining as we should. its not the life we asked for but our carelessness got us to this point. lately i feel we've both been just settling for it for the sake of our kids. yet wen we have the talk that maybe we shld move on our separate ways neither of us want. most our days are good full of laughter and just family fun. the normal stresses hit us daily. kids fighting, someone crying, someone sick cant go to daycare. or the house needs cleaning. which i do alot myself most the time. i go to work early he gets few hours to himself before he goes. somedays not most i wll ask him can you do this or get this done at least before you go to work. him 'ehh ok" so i come home ysterday and of course everything i ask was not done. but i go on our internet and just to be snoopy check the history and waddya know nothing but porn....based on the history its like he was on it for most the time before work. this of course got me all pissy and crabby and i didnt talk to him. most the afternoon. in my head i started thinking maybe he wants to be bachelor. he can live with other guy roommates and look at porn all day if he dont wana help me. it made me feel so insecure ive gained some baby pnds and do feel fat but also lately we have also had the issue of his cursing around the kids i dont like it and admit myself that its comes outta my mouth every now and then but i aim to be more positive role model for them and id like him to do the same. we clash on this issue constantly. am i bein a nag? shld i move on instead of making him miserable? its got my head in shambles? wat do i do...its probly just me i think. =/