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New Boyfriend still Married. Soon to be ex- wife wants him back ! Suspicious Feelings !
Tammie1976 posted:
I'm in a new relationship with a man that is separated from his wife, dating now for 2 months. He made sure I was ok with the fact that his divorce was not final yet, and I was ok with it at the time. He was initially looking for casual dating not serious relationship. But sparks flew ! We where head over heels about each other. We decided to date exclusively. He tells me he is in love with me. We have sex 4 times. I could tell something was on his mind. His soon to be ex-wife found out he was dating, and keeps messaging him while we are together, wanting him back. Reason for divorce is she cheated on him twice. He assures me he is not going back. He confided in me that he feels guilty for having sex after because he is still married, and doesn't want to anymore. But still wants relationship. Every time we are together she is messaging him, and he responds I feel like him responding to her keeps interfering with us. I asked him last night to stop responding to her if its over, because I felt disrespected. They have no children or any other reason to communicate. I'm scare he is maybe misleading me about their relationship, he said he was confused about some things after we talked what is my next step? I think I love him, but don't want to get hurt ?!?

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Is it safe to date before divorce is final ? Soon to be ex-wife always messaging wanting him back. He continues to communicate with her. Scared he is not being honest with me or with himself.Because he replies. Tells me he is not going back. He seems distant.
  • Ask him to stop replying.
  • Stop dating until divorced.
  • Talk and give him time to himself.
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