An_250610 posted:
I have this fetish with my wife wanting her to wear pantyhose or thigh highs. I mean she has great legs andthe idea of seeing and feeling them in soft silky pantyhose or thigh highs is such a turn on. The problem is I ask her to wear them all the time and I know she gets upset but is this normal to feel this strong? Always wanting her to wear them? I don't feel that way with other women I see or work with but it's just the idea I can touch when she has them on. Any suggestions?
stevesmw responded:
Women's underwear and stockings are a multi billion dollar industry. Women often wear them to please men, so if it is a fetish then it is shared by many men and women.

I prefer the soft feel of a woman's inner thigh. My wife has PTSD and when I touch my wife's breast or move my hand to close to her crotch she gets upset except when making love and then she enjoys my touch greatly. We were taking a nap and my hand was touching her outer thigh. She said "don't move your hand", which I heard as move your hand. She went on to say "it feels electric and wonderful". I moved my hand to her inner thigh and she sighed deeply and went back to sleep. My wife often asks me to rub her back. After a while she removes her night shirt. She says the rubbing through the fabric is irritating.
Many women today prefer not to wear panty hose and stockings because it makes them feel uncomfortable. Like everything else in a marriage it involves compromise.