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The OW
An_250692 posted:
It sounds like the OW was not getting any feedback about your marital situation and she was putting out feelers. She might have been trying to find out whether you and your husband are still together. She might have been afraid that you are healing and wanted to give you a little reminder. If that is true, it almost worked - it caused you to think about a separation.

She seems like a very self-involved person who has little regard for the feelings of others. Her own feelings are probably the only feelings that exist for her. She has probably not ever been anybody's friend. I think your response to her text was perfect. If she doesn't stop harassing you she should face consequences.

Blocking her phone is a good idea. You might consider reporting her to the telephone company for harassing you. If she continues to harass you, perhaps you could explore something like an order of protection. I don't know what the laws are in your state, but harassing someone can be against the law.

Good for you for not letting this woman get you back to a bad place. She is simply not worth it.

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