Feel that my depression is killing my husbands nerves and patience
An_251045 posted:
Im newlywedd, just got married 4 months ago, I have to stay away of my husband due immigration process, Im in Mexico he is in USA. I start just missing him so much, then by his advice I got a job here to keep myself busy and let the time goes faster, but lately, Im the worst, I cry every day because I wish I were with him, I see everything but dark even when he keeps telling me that every day pass, is one day less that we stay away, and soon this immigration process will be over and we will be together for ever. But, truth is nothing can cheer me up, Im tired every day, cant sleep good, dont eat good, sometimes I have lots of hungry and eat a lot, but others I dont eat nothing in two or tree days, I get upset with him for almost everything, and even when I know its not fair with him, I cant stop, suddenly i decide that when i see that im getting that mood again, i ran away and stop talking with him, we comunicate mostly by chat or skype. But i feel hurt anyway, if he stays talking i feel he does it forced, if he is not i feel he doesnt care, Im tired of be like that with him, but cant do anything to avoid this sadness and depression and angry. Any advice? I love him very very much, and i dont want to ruin more our relationship.
darlyn05 responded:
How long have you been apart, and how long does the immigration process take? Your husband is correct, with each day that passes is one less day apart in the long run. Keep the big picture in mind, think of the future.