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Boyfriend question
SweetAnonymity posted:
I am over 18 but this is my first boyfriend. We met about a month and a half ago and have hung out every week from Wednesday to Thursday ever since. That is just the way our schedules work. This week on Wednesday I texted him to see if we were hanging out and he said he was going fishing. I am very easygoing and I don't mind him having things to do. That said, I was a little annoyed that he didn't text me to let me know. It makes me feel like maybe he is avoiding me or just didn't think of me at all.

This really wouldn't be an issue if he had just told me ahead of time. We didn't really have plans, we just hung out every week for like 6 weeks so I kind of assumed. Now I am just worried that maybe things aren't going as well as I thought. What do you think?
fcl responded:
I think you're overthinking this. It either didn't occur to him to let you know or he just forgot. Now let this go ...
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