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anonymous posted:
my hubby has a child that is 2 months younger than our son....i knew from the beginning when she 1st said she was pregnant that it had to be his but she said no, he said it couldnt be, his whole family said heart and gut told me otherwise..i had my child in august of 2011she had hers in oct june of 2013 he recieved a letter from CS court to attend on such and such date and that he was the father....we are still together and i love him very much..but idk how much more i can handle...he never talks to the other son never calls it never sees it NOTHING...i have tried talking to him about it and i have tried gettin him to talk to her so he can have something to do with baby number 2...i try to be nice but what else could i do to help this situation??? i want him to know im there for him but he will never talk to me...i mean he even kept the dna testing a secret so it makes me think what else is he hiding......

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I am 23 my SO is 23 We have two daughter 7 and 4, and are taking care of his sister 14.

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Dont make eye contact during sex. You will have less guilt later. Trust me. More
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