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Wife has low sex drive. says she needs more size
buckeye45680 posted:
My wife and I have been married for almost 6 years. We've both been previously married once before and are in our mid 30s. Her ex was 2 inches longer than me and although they didn't have sex anymore often than we do she found it satisfying she said. With me she doesn't. I do nothing for her. She uses toys and masturbates to achieve orgasm. I've tried everything I can imagine to please her. She doesn't understand or believe me that a Big part of my satisfaction and overall happiness is pleasing her physically some how. I tried three years ago something out of the ordinary in hopes to get her motor running. I had a trained massage therapist come over and give her a full nude erotic massage. Obviously this was free as friends only. No male/male contact just a massage for her. She ended up jacking him off and he fingered her. He's about 8 inches to my 5.5 inches. That led to some threesomes for a while again no male contact. We're still great friends but he's since remarried and out of the picture sexually obviously. After that our sex life took a major nose dive. It's been down right depressing for me and she just expects me to get over it. I saw her pleased and oddly enough that was satisfying to me and it made for great sex for almost two years. Now it's awful and she says I do nothing for her but also refuses to get together with another man for a threesome. She's said she needs 7.5 long and double my thickness to satisfy her. I'm not saying this is the answer. I just don't feel like there's any hope of enjoying this part of life and she doesn't seem to care about how important a quality sex life is to me. Any thoughts.

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stevesmw responded:
5 1/2 would be called average. It's her problem and therefore your problem. If she didn't want to have sex frequently with a penis that she claims was the right size she has other issues.
Do you feel friction when you make love to her? The first couple of inches are the most important. There are a lot of ways to please a woman; orally manually, toys.

I don't measure myself against a penis chart regarding length and girth, but I am likely on the good side of average, but only average. My wife had lovers with large penises but greatly preferred mine. She would ask for me to almost withdraw and reenter so the stimulation she preferred was in the front of the vagina. Most women find a large penis uncomfortable.

This sounds like a relationship problem.
billnjenn responded:
Not much of a ring of truth in you original statement.
If even part of this is true, it would be interesting to read her side of the story. And story as in Forum magazine fantasy.
It is interesting how typical this fantasy of watching another man have sex with your wife, especially one with a large penis, is among men.
As for the facts, from a physical stand point the pleasure a women gets from a penis has little to do with its size unless it very small or very large both being a negative.
Consider that most effective means of orgasm is manual stimulation most often with one finger no more than to the second knuckle you can see that neither size nor girth is necessary to bring a women to climax.
From a mental or visual stand point women may enjoy a large penis but that is another issue.

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